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Warrior Gym offers exceptional Mixed Martial Arts training in the Washington, D.C. area. Mixed Martial Arts or MMA, is an eclectic discipline that incorporates stand-up, clinching and ground fighting techniques to defeat opponents. Warrior Gym’s MMA students learn elements of Boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that forge them into hardened warriors. MMA training is not easy, but for those willing to engage in its rigorous workouts and learn its most demanding, effective techniques, it can pay off in competition, and in one’s personal life. Warrior Gym’s excellent MMA training prepares students not only for the ring or cage, but also for the streets, helping to protect individuals and loved ones from would-be attackers.

 Our staff includes Professional MMA fighter, Aaron Riley, who is the most seasoned fighter in the D.C. area.  He provides world class instruction to highly-motivated students. Aaron has been studying martial arts for over 20 years, and been a force in MMA competitions for 13 years, training with the likes of champions Matt Hume, Marty Smith, and currently training with Greg Jackson. Aaron has fought for the biggest MMA promotions

in Japan, Canada, Brazil, Europe and across the US. He brings a level of experience not found anywhere else  in the D.C. area. Warrior Gym’s Aaron Riley is committed to offering positive instruction that compels students to dig deep inside themselves and push themselves to achieve their personal bests. 

 Warrior Gym offers excellent instruction in Gracie, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), a martial art that grew out of the Japanese Kodokan Judo of the early 20th    Century. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is prolific because of its effectiveness as a self-defense system. BJJ focuses on self-defense and ground fighting in which a smaller, less-advantaged person can use leverage and skilled, proven techniques to submit a larger, stronger aggressor. Students of BJJ frequently use chokeholds and joint locks to defeat their opponents. Though Gracie Jiu-Jitsu is well known as a martial art and system of self-defense, it is also considered a sport. Practicing BJJ promotes strength, agility, and cardiovascular and pulmonary stamina. It is useful not only for defending oneself, but also for getting into top shape. Our lineage of Gracie Jiu-jitsu flows from Professor Pedro Sauer an 8th Degree Red and Black Belt under legendary Rickson Gracie and Grandmaster Helio Gracie.

 Warrior Gym proudly offers instruction in the National Sport of Thailand—Muay Thai, which is often referred to as Thai Boxing, or Thai Kickboxing. This ancient martial art emphasizes striking techniques from eight points of contact: feet, knees, elbows, and hands. Nearly the entire body is involved in Muay Thai, with the rotation of the hips playing a primary role in every strike. This provides more torque and power than conventional boxing, and more points of contact require different, challenging skill sets. Muay Thai is a common striking base within Mixed Martial Arts fighting, and offers an unprecedented cardiovascular workout that tests agility, strength and stamina.

Warrior Gym employs the veteran skills of Bumrung Prawatsrichai (Master Danny) to instruct students in the art of Muay Thai. Master Danny has been involved with Muay Thai for over 40 years, having fought in over 350 matches. As a young fighter, he travelled to Japan, where he lived for 5 years, learning Jiu-Jitsu and perfecting his martial arts techniques. Master Danny has also lived and taught in Germany, the Philippines, and Hawaii. Now in his 60s (and still spry enough to take you down), he brings to the table more experience and effective teaching technique than any other Muay Thai instructor in the D.C. area. Master Danny is a living legend.

 The sport of boxing is a mainstay at Warrior Gym.  Formal boxing is older than the Roman Empire, and has evolved, over the years, from a crude, dangerous exhibition to a safe, exciting sport. Warrior Gym supports the sport of boxing in a positive environment that features a modern, professional ring. Instructors guide motivated students through a training regimen that teaches effective striking techniques, while also providing an intense cardiovascular workout that promotes speed and agility. Warrior Gym is committed to providing boxing instruction to interested individuals of all abilities. Learning proper boxing techniques teaches individuals effective self-defense, as well as getting them into great shape.

 Warrior Gym offers effective training in the highly popular Mixed Martial Art of Krav Maga, which is a defense fighting approach that emphasizes threat neutralization through highly evolved street fighting techniques. Krav Maga, which means hand-to-hand combat in Hebrew, foregoes ritual in order to emphasize instinct, aggression, and speed in dealing with attackers. Krav Maga’s no-holds-barred approach to keeping defenders safe, and getting them home unharmed, has made it popular not only with military special forces, but also with men and women from all walks of life. This eclectic Mixed Martial Art utilizes grappling and striking techniques, wrestling, and aggressive, efficient counter attacks to quickly subdue attackers.

 It was Kano Jagoro who introduced Judo to the world in the late 19c. A small, frail man, Jagoro invented Judo in an attempt to defend himself from bullies. He emphasized technique over formal exercise. His original vision has evolved into the exciting discipline of sport Judo (as intended for competition), which emphasizes safety and full physical activity, for top conditioning. Judoka, or Judo practitioners, engage throwing, grappling, special pins, control holds, arm holds and choking techniques to defeat their opponents.

 Warrior Gym relies upon former Olympian and 7th degree Judo black belt, Maurice Allan, to provide expert instruction in sport Judo. Maurice utilizes 30 plus years of competitive experience to instruct students of all ages in Judo techniques that require exercise and discipline—techniques that build confidence and respect. Maurice’s Judo programs are tailored to age and ability, as he believes that anyone can practice the sport, and he encourages cross training in the Mixed Martial Arts at Warrior Gym. More information on Maurice Allan is available on his website: .

 Expert Mixed Martial Arts instruction is offered in our clean, modern 15,000 square foot Alexandria facility that proudly features a matted Judo room, a professional kickboxing ring, showers, and saunas. Mixed Martial Arts memberships also include a complete gym membership, offering access to a variety of fitness classes, Nautilus and free weights, elliptical machines, treadmills, Stairmasters, and two regulation racquetball courts. Free parking abounds.

Warrior Gym combines talent and wisdom in the Mixed Martial Arts arena of northern Virginia to offer superior fighting instruction that surpasses students’ goals of physical fitness and self-defense. Training without a weapon remains the key to cultivating a tough, fighting spirit that not only keeps one safe, but also empowers one with a fortified confidence that is applicable in all areas of life. Visit us in Alexandria, today, and find out how Warrior Gym’s programs in MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Krav Maga, and Judo forge Warriors out of ordinary citizens.

Located off I-395, just one block from the Beltway, Warrior Gym in Alexandria, VA is easily accessible from the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, including Reston, Arlington, Springfield, Ashburn, Leesburg, Annandale, Woodbridge, Quanitco, Herndon, Sterling and Fairfax, VA.